Walkthrough of Blessings Flow – Bayliner 4087

Here’s a quick walkthrough of our Bayliner 4087, primarily taken to orient friends and family, most of whom have not seen it.

7 Replies to “Walkthrough of Blessings Flow – Bayliner 4087”

  1. Wow, it’s beautiful. Thanks for the tour. Is this a new one for you, are you heading out on a voyage soon? So excited for you

    1. Hi Jacque, Nice to hear from you. We will be starting out next summer (2023). Need to retire first!

    1. Thanks, Gayle. Our travels don’t actually start until next summer, but we enjoyed a few weeks with “her” this year.

  2. Great walk through! Boats are tight quarters, but so much fun. Love the ice maker! Remember me when you take your trip and I’ll be happy to join up at some point in the journey.

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