Up the Hudson

I think this is a good place for a chronological photo dump with the story in the captions.

We had a similar story last fall, coming south. The main difference is that this year we anchored out more and stayed in fewer marinas.

Manhattan and World Trade Center. We had just passed the Statue of Liberty.
Empire State Building, amongst others. There is a walking biking path along the Hudson River. Many of the old piers are now parks.
George Washington Bridge with the little red lighthouse of storybook fame.
Anchorage in Half Moon Bay. We were here two nights. Lots of Looper boats were in the nearby marina where we stayed last year. The marina advertises huge looper discounts, but no specific definition of “huge”. Last year, he gave us a 5% discount which equated to $177 price for us for the night. The most expensive marina last year. After he saw us anchored out this year, he messaged us and offered something more in the range of $90-$103 per night. I told him that it would be a good business practice to establish a set discount and stick with it rather than his dynamic pricing model which makes it difficult to plan. We did not take him up on his offer.
Beautiful view from the anchorage. But see the low cloud? It was unsettled weather.
We caught the tail end of a strong storm front that came through. The anchor alarm blared “DISTANCE ALARM ‼️ DISTANCE ALARM ‼️” when the boat went outside a preset circle we had established on Lance’s phone app. We went up to start the motors in case the anchor was dragging in the strong winds. Fortunately, the winds didn’t last long and at the end of it we were pretty much where we had been earlier, so no harm done.
One morning at anchor, I thought I heard voices. I wasn’t crazy! A group of swimmers were using our boat as the turn around point for their swim. We leave the curtains open when we are anchored off out by ourselves because, well, there is no one around. This is a lesson that you may not be as alone as you think!
West Point is right on the Hudson. Also along this stretch is the Culinary Institute of America, Franklin D Roosevelt estate and a Vanderbilt estate.
Beat Air Force. On the roof at West Point.
There are only a handful of bridges over the Hudson. The smaller one of these is a walking trail.
We needed to stop at a marina for laundry, pump-out, water and a nice long shower. Marlboro Yacht Club is a member run club that offers transient space to loopers.
Marlboro Yacht Club had the Coast Guard Auxiliary in doing safety inspections. We were able to get in on the action and got our 2024 safety sticker. This says we have the required safety equipment on board.
Marlboro Yacht Club. One other looper boat was there the day we were.
We were on a dock parallel to the river so we got a bit of rocking when the big boats went by. The navigation channel was a long way off, so the wakes were smoother by the time they reached us.
The next day was a day of lighthouses.
We pulled into the Athens free dock to find their community days celebration just finishing up. We walked around a bit, met a pastor serving free ice cream donated by Stewarts, a convenience store in these parts, and talked to a man there with an old style sailing boat. Since the signs said “No Overnight Docking” we went upstream a ways to an anchorage. We intended to come back the next day for church but a storm came through with rain and winds lasting the entire Sunday morning, so we could not move the boat to dock at the dock for church.
This guy caught two fish in the short time we watched him. He said he catches fish for bait, cuts it up, and then fishes for catfish. It is catch and release in the Hudson. In fact there are signs warning pregnant women and children not to eat certain things from the Hudson.
Our anchorage near Athens NY. In the upper Hudson, there are several of these “middle ground” islands, behind which are safe anchorages, with the commercial boat traffic going on the other side of the island.
Some of the commercial traffic you might see on the Hudson.
Albany, New York We did not stop as our destination was just a short way further along.
Waterford, NY where you have to make a choice about which route to take. We came east on the Erie last year and will do the Champlain Canal this year.
Waterford has a free dock, the first of many in the canal systems. You pay a bit for electricity and you pay for the key to the restrooms and showers. They are upgrading the electrical and a dock directly behind this was closed to docking while we were there while they were working on it. The dock in this picture was full when we arrived, so we went to the concrete wall behind the floating docks. We met the people in the Nordhaven in this picture back at the AGLCA rendezvous, so it was nice to touch base with them again.
Boats entering the Erie Canal, right in front of the floating docks.
We were on the concrete wall behind the floating docks. The wall is very high, so we parked by a ladder to be able to easily get off the boat.
Walmart delivery worked here in Waterford. We put in the address of the welcome center and waited for the driver in the parking lot. There is also a grocery store several blocks away that lets you bring the grocery cart back to your boat and leave it at the welcome center.
We intended to spend two nights here, but got word at one pm on day two that they had a barge coming in that evening with “high value cargo” and they needed to park it right where we were. So we quickly got our act together and headed north on the Champlain Canal to make the 2pm opening of the first lock, C-1.
Trip up the Hudson with stops marked.