Quick Trip to Wisconsin

Tuesday night to Saturday morning, including 3 hour plane trip and 4 hour car trip each way. It is a long time to get there for such a short trip but it was worth it. We were able to get on the boat while it is still on the hard, and we went with a list of to do’s for the short time we were there.

Met a few interesting people. The first is the previous-previous owner of our boat. He stopped by and said “I used to own this boat”. He came on board and showed us some of the tricks to the boat so it was really great to meet him. No pictures, unfortunately.

The next set of folks who wandered by turned out to be gold loopers. Their boat was parked kitty-corner to ours in the heated storage. It was launch day for them, so we got to watch the process of getting a yacht across the building, off the stands and into the travel lift.

One of the tasks we didn’t get done was applying the new name to the transom. As I was washing it in preparation for application, I could see the”ghost” letters of the previous name. We’ll let the boat detailers try to fix that. I tried a couple of things, but could see it was above my pay grade, at least in the time we had available.