Financial Independence

Financial Independence…FI…it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

There’s a movement, a subculture, of mostly young people who are taking control of their spending and saving aggressively over time. The idea is to have enough financial margin in your life to have options.

Financial margin. Options. Options like taking a year plus cruise on your own boat.

Although we’re no longer in the “young people” category, the financial independence movement is one I can whole-heartedly embrace.

Four valuable, life-changing resources

Dave Ramsey – I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey. We’ve walked his Baby Steps since 2009. Paid off the house last year, now building margin for a boat and a cruising kitty.

ChooseFI – Practical and motivating podcast. Jonathan and Brad interview people pursuing financial independence. I love listening to smart young people!

YNAB – You Need a Budget software. This budget tool has been the secret sauce for me!

Debt Free Fanatics forum. A kind, wise community of people walking the road toward financial freedom. They would love to welcome you.