Financial Backstories? What?

When I start reading a new Great Loop blog, I go right to the first post. The first ever post. The “this was our planning and how we were able to do the loop” post. Sometimes I have to scroll through years of archives to find it, but I go back to the beginning.

I’m always a bit disappointed when the first post is Day One of the trip.

I want the BACK STORY. I want what came before.

I want encouragement that they were, once, where we are now…in the dreaming, planning stage.

I want encouragement that we can one day be where they are now, cruising the Great Loop.

I am an accountant with an interest in personal finance. So, when I read a Great Loop blog, I’m always looking to see what I can find of their FINANCIAL BACK STORY. 

How did they, financially, realize their plans for doing the loop? How did they pay for the boat? How did they pay for the cruising costs? Did they sell their house? Did they rent it out? What were their careers? Are they still working? Is there any hope for middle income workers or is it only attainable for the higher paid professional?

I’d like to do some research about the various plans and models that people used to realize their dream of the Great Loop.

Some case studies of real financial back stories. What model did each one use? Are there models and patterns? Is there a model that might work for me?

This will be useful information for me, and hopefully for you, too.