Chesapeake – Part 2

After waiting out the winds and freezing temperatures in the lower Potomac, we were in a mood to get south before the next front of winds came through.

We made two long days travelling to Norfolk, passing by many interesting places like Yorktown and Jamestown without stopping. Maybe we’ll do a road trip to see them this winter. They are only a few hours from our winter marina.

We anchored in the Deltaville area between our two travel days. It was up a creek in a neighborhood. It is a little wierd anchoring next to someone’s front yard, but as long as you don’t attempt to go ashore, it is very accepted.

Anchored in a cove surrounded by homes
Bringing up the anchor the next morning
Cold night + no electricity at anchor = chilly boat. But the sun warms it all up, eventually.

In our navigational softward, Navionics, there are anchorages marked. I also keep an eye in Nebo on people we know, to see where they have anchored. When I see them in an anchorage, I will drop an anchor “pin” into Navionics so we can find that place again when we need it.

Round gold anchor “pin” showing our target destination

You know, you can see where we are by clicking this link from Nebo.

The seas were much better on these legs of the Chesapeake compared to when we came from Annapolis to Solomons Island. We saw a few dolphin and a lot of big ships.

Beautiful day on the water. If you zoom in you can see lots of ships on the horizon. These were anchored next to the channel. I guess it is a good parking zone. Water depth is 25 – 30 feet.
Unknown ship passing nearby

Since the weather was so good, there were a LOT of boats making the move at the same time.

As we pulled into Norfolk, it was a bit intimidating to go by all the Navy ships, but very exciting.

We stayed one night at Tidewater marina which is in Portsmouth, VA, across the river from downtown Norfolk.

We had a Walmart grocery delivery scheduled and had to plan our day to arrive in time. It all worked out beautifully. We are fairly new to having groceries delivered and it seems like a very wonderful thing.

At Tidewater Marina – The people on a boat across the dock from us were from our home town. Small world!
Trekking back to the boat after meeting the Walmart delivery driver in the parking lot
Big cargo ship passing the marina
October 15 – November 4, 2023. Chesapeake Bay travels.