Retirement is here! Now what?

Picture of our boat, Blessings Flow

As our retirement is here and we say goodbye, we’ve had a lot of questions from friends about our plans. I thought it would be good to write a post to answer some of the questions. You may have heard a bit here or there, so this blog post is to give an overall picture of what we hope to do in the next couple of years and to clear up a couple of misconceptions.

Yes. There is a boat involved.

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Some gifts just make you go “WOW!”

What a blessing to have talented friends! A friend of ours painted two watercolors of Blessings Flow. Totally unexpected gift that is very much appreciated!


We may have found the picture for our boat card! Boat cards are business cards for your boat, with contact information, etc. that you pass out to fellow boaters.

2022 Summer on the Boat

Well, our “summer” on the boat was really more like two weeks. But it was a jam-packed two weeks full of boat chores, getting to know dock neighbors – including AGLCA harbors hosts – and the big event, welcoming training captains Scott and Karen DeVoll on board for a full curriculum of line handling, boat systems, close-quarter manuevering, docking, anchoring and more.

Fitting out the new dinghy
Put the new name on the boat
Trying out the new headsets
Hanging out with harbor hosts
Found the local ice cream. Made on-site.
Practice throwing lines
Practice anchoring
Lots of learning opportunities
Really blessed to have Scott and Karen onboard