Back in the USA!

The boat entered Canada on July 5, 2023 and left on September 15, 2023. Lance and Brenda made a trip home mid August, but the boat was there for, what, 72 days?

Our last few nights in Canada included a lock wall with electricity (Frankford), a marina with free laundry (Trent Port in Trenton) and an anchorage that turned out to not be very protected from the way the wind blew in the middle of the night (Witlow Pt in Hay Bay).

Frankford, Ontario where you can tell autumn is on its way
Trent Port Marina where the transient docks were pretty empty. Canadians are putting their boats to bed for the winter and getting their snowmobiles and hockey sticks ready to go 😉
Comfy boaters lounge at Trent Port Marina…right next to the FREE laundry and the individual toilet/shower rooms.
Anchorage at Witlow Point. The anchor came up full of weeds the next morning. It took half an hour to get it cleaned up and back in its place. Should be a five minute process.

We considered spending a few more nights in Canada to see the Thousand Islands area, but we had to keep one eye on the weather (Hurricane Lee, lookin’ at you) and another eye on the calendar.

The Canadian canals close on October 9 this year and the Erie Canals on October 11. If we are not below a certain point on the Hudson River, our boat will be stuck in Northern New York for the winter.

There was a good weather window on Friday to cross Lake Ontario. We could not see another good day for about a week, so we decided to take the bird in the hand, so to speak, and cross the big lake when we had the opportunity.

It was a long travel day, over 7 hours, and the lake was a little bumpy, but we made it safely across and went through our first New York Canal System lock.

Last glimpse of Canada 🇨🇦
Crossing the International border. Canada 🇨🇦 —-United States of America 🇺🇸
Found a flag hanging from a pedestrian bridge.
First night back in USA in Oswego, NY, between locks 7 & 8 in the Oswego Canal.

For the past three nights we have been on the Oswego Canal. It is an offshoot of the Erie. we have been on free lock walls or town docks. Many of the locks have room to tie up before or after the lock, and some towns maintain parks beside the canal with docks to tie to. The idea is they want you to stop and spend money in their town!

Dock in Minetto, NY
Stewart’s Ice Cream. Quite delicious!
Attended Minetto United Methodist Church right across from the park. They had a very well done cantata based on the story of Daniel and the lions den. if you look closely, you can see Daniel in a baseball cap with a “D”, sitting right next to King Darius

Tonight we are in Phoenix, New York at a wall that is free and has an electric connection box. The electric is 15amp, and has a plug-in like you would find in a house. A normal marine hook-up is 30 amp or 50 amp. We have an adapter that goes from a regular household plug-in to a 30 amp plug which we can plug into the normal shore power cord. We just have to make sure not to try to run too many appliances at a time.

View out our window at Phoenix, NY

Tomorrow we take a left turn at the end of the 24 mile Oswego Canal and will be on the Erie Canal at milepost 160. So 160 miles until the Hudson River! We are moving right along!

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    1. Thanks! We are at Winter Harbor for a couple of days. I was looking for “Perfect Choice” but it must be tucked up tight for the winter.

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