Anchoring and Free Docks

Our strategy going forward is to take free or low cost nights where we can get them.

This means anchoring, generally, or hoping that a free dock has room on it.

It worked out well for us on the way from Albemarle Sound up to Norfolk via the Virginia Cut.

Sunday through Saturday we’re free. Free is good.

We anchored in two different salt marsh creeks. These creeks are quite shallow, but were not very affected by tides, so really, five foot depth was all we really needed.

Picture of Blessings Flow taken by Michele on Plan B.

One night I heard something that sounded like an electric razor bzzzzz bzzzzzz. I thought maybe Lance was using his beard trimmer, but no, he was at the dining room table.

I had heard a splash earlier, like something entering the water.

Turns out it was a bullfrog call!

The marshes were truly lovely.

Misty morning in the marsh.

At the second anchorage, we met another looper, Michele on Plan B. She is doing the loop single-handed. Pretty impressive.

She is from the Pacific Northwest and is just getting started. I expect we will meet up from time to time around the loop.

Plan B left the anchorage a day before us and found room on the free wall in Great Bridge, VA. She was able to tell us what would be a good time to arrive to find space.

We took her advice and aimed to be there around 10am the next morning. We were just 13 minutes away when she texted that there was space. Big win!

Great Bridge free dock. Stayed two days.

We went through two low bridges that had set opening times. We had to adjust our speed to hit the openings. (Read that as GO FAST!)

North Landing Bridge. Opens on the half hour. Had to speed up to make the next half hour opening on the next bridge. We made it. But maybe our fuel consumption suffered!

We spent five days in Norfolk in a marina to attend the AGLCA Spring Rendezvous. More about that in a separate post.

After the rendezvous, the weather on the Chesapeake looked rough for three days, so we travelled across the James River to an anchorage near Hampton, VA.

We rented a car one day to drive to church and then on to Yorktown and Jamestown to see some history. Thank you National Park Service pass!

While we had the car we searched out a Great Clips for Brenda to get a haircut. Of course, it is way too short, but she should be good for another 2 months.

We are in the midst of a long slog up the Chesapeake to another anchorage in Onancock VA. We will wait out some weather here for a few days, too.

We waited for three days for favorable weather (waves/wind) to start our trek up the Chesapeake.

Waiting on favorable weather is the story of a boater’s life. Especially when it comes to big bodies of water.

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