Temporary Locals at Albemarle Plantation Marina

Albemarle Plantation (AP) was a good home for 20 days. They are good people.

Lance was there the entire time and Brenda flew home for 10 of the days.

When we first knew that Brenda needed to go home, we reached out to a couple of marinas to see what might be the best situation. AP came back with a weekly rate of $200 dollars. That is a GREAT rate, considering we paid almost that for two nights in Belhaven.

They have golf carts available for rental. $50 per week, per the literature.

When we arrived, they told us we could rent a golf cart for $50 for the entire duration of the stay. Yes, Please!

As it turns out, when we went to pay, they only charged us $200 (plus the $50 for the cart) for the entire 20 days! When he told us it was going to be $200, we were like, “Yes. Per week” and he said, “No. In total”. When we demurred the other guy there, the dockhand, said, “It’s the South!”

Our chariot, Cart #3. We had it for 17 of the 20 days, but when we got back from the airport, it was not in the parking lot! Turns out the key works in all the carts and someone else had taken it. So they gave us #28 for the remainder of the time.

The fun thing for us was to get to be temporary locals. It’s the kind of travel I like.

Tooled up the creek in the dinghy.

AP is a large golf course community. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we had heard good things about it.

There were houses backed up to the course, of course. All well kept and neat. We figured there are probably a lot of covenants and rules to follow.

I know not much about golf, but the course seems top notch. It is built around the swamps, so sometimes your hazard is a swamp!

Golf course weaves around beside the water and among the houses.

There are five sets of tees per hole and it all looks very official.

After 7pm, non golfers can drive the golf cart paths through the course. We did so. It took us two nights to do so because the course is so huge.

We didn’t see many children, but we are told that it is not a 55+ kind of place.

We asked whether there was a church on site? The answer was no, but that the Dockmaster was a church-goer and maybe we could go with them.

And that is just what we did the following Sunday. JE and Sherri picked us up and took us to church.

On that first Friday, we got an email from JE and Sherri inviting us to go with them to a local fire department fund raiser. A NC roasted/bbq pig plate fundraiser.

It is a very popular event. The traffic backs up for a mile or more and they have a policeman directing traffic.

They roasted 54 pigs and served 4000 plates. It was drive through. You waited your turn in the line of cars, turned in your ticket ($12) and were handed a to-go plate of food.

North Carolina bbq is vinegar based rather than tomato based. Brenda really liked it but Lance prefers the Sweet Baby Rays type.

The sound of dozens of volunteers chopping pork is pretty amazing!

Turn on the sound!

We reached out to the AGLCA harbor host for the area and she invited us to dinner! She lives in AP. Her husband fetched us in his car and we had a lovely evening with them. Lance made them a loaf of artisan bread.

She is retired but her husband still works, in DC. He has a four day work week, so he drives home Thursday night and drives back Sunday morning.

No pictures with them. Shame on us!

The same 5-minute bread dough that makes artisan bread also makes great pizzas. Onion and pineapple topping, plus some red bell peppers that needed to be used.

You know how Enterprise car rental “picks you up”? Well, they really did! It is at least a half hour or more from Elizabeth City where the Enterprise office is located to AP, but it didn’t seem like an odd request to them.

So between the two pickup/drop-offs we got to meet some really interesting people.

Doug (Duuug) is a retired federal fire fighter who works just one day a week. He goes to a local Methodist church and wanted to talk about the book of Revelations.

Ru (short for another name that starts with Ru) has an aunt that is a preacher, a black woman preacher, and she was listening to one of her aunt’s Bible studies when she was driving Lance to get the car. Her brother is working on a paddle wheel boat that is on its way to Albemarle Sound to be a tourist attraction.

Lance got to welcome a number of Loopers who came and went during our stay.

One night when we had the car, we drove one of them to the local grocery store. She was picking up 20 or so items including a cake mix to surprise her husband on his birthday.

Lance had docktails and dinner with a couple Loopers and Brenda got to join in on the fun with some others once she returned.

It was lots of fun being temporary locals at Albemarle Plantation Marina, other than the one big storm that rolled through that is the subject of this other post.

Good people.