Baie Fine to Snug Harbour – North Channel part 3

After leaving our prime Little Current location of the closest dock to the swing bridge, we cast off our lines to go through the bridge at the top of the hour and head to Baie Fine. There were four boats going our direction, but there were probably a dozen or more boats lined up to come into Little Current.

Baie Fine was a 25 mile jaunt from Little Current. The last 9 miles are fjord-like, according to what we read.

The waterway was fairly narrow, compared to the rest of the cruising, and had some tricky navigation around rocks in the lake.

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Little Current – North Channel Part 2

From Hotham Island, the next logical place to visit is the Benjamin Islands. They are a unique circle formation of islands. I’m told the circle is because there was a dome formed in ancient times that has been worn down over the ages.

But, logical or not, the wind was not right for anchoring there, so we cruised in amongst them, took some pictures, and headed out for Little Current.

Outer Benjamins rocky islets
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The North Channel (Part One)

We spent a little over a week exploring several anchorages and a town in the North Channel.

After our first anchorage in Long Point Cove, we continued to hop to the anchorages recommended by Fred, a former Looper who generously spent an hour with us in Sault Ste Marie going over recommendations.

From Long Point Cove to Beardrop Harbour to Hotham Island to The Benjamins to Little Current to Baie Fine to Covered Portage Cove to Snug Harbour
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SSM to Hilton Beach, ON

You never know…

You never know what you are going to see on the water.

Before leaving Sault Ste Marie, we carefully review the Marine Traffic App to see if there were any big ships heading up or down the channel we would be on. Nothing. Yay! That is really good luck.

We were not a mile down the river when…it looked like a ship was coming toward us. What? How did we miss that? We checked the app again. Still nothing, but it was definitely a ship and it was coming towards us.

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Out of Lake Superior

We made it off Lake Superior! Here’s a description of the last few days.

From Houghton, Michigan, where we stayed 3 nights to wait out weather, we travelled 52.5 miles to a small harbor of refuge called Big Bay. We encountered our first bigger waves on this segment. The NOAA forecasts called for calm to 1 foot waves, but we are sure they were 2 foot (maybe plus) and hitting the boat from a less than ideal angle. Happily, that only lasted a couple of hours before we turned a corner and the wind died down. It was nice the rest of the way to Big Bay.

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