The First Few Days

The plan to get off Lake Superior has us hopping across the south shore, from harbor to harbor. Some of the hops are pretty short, but we don’t want to skip one and then have the weather turn on us. We figure on 10 stops: 10 travel days, plus weather stops.

We left, as scheduled, on Wednesday morning, June 21, 2023 at around 8:05am. We had a nice send-off from dock neighbors, who also took some pictures of us leaving.

Safely backed out of slip and turned to head out the fairway. Good job Lance!
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We Started!

Just a note to say we got off the Washburn dock and did our first leg of the loop.

We are docked this evening in Saxon Harbor, Wisconsin, which is a nice county park run marina and campground.

We are on a wall across from he permanent slip holders.

T Minus One and Counting

Tomorrow we start our loop. We’re fueled up and pumped out. We put the burgee on the boat this evening and people know we’re leaving, so barring any unforseen incident, tomorrow it is.

New burgees on the bow of Blessings Flow. Other people doing this trip, or planners who dream about it, can identify us as Loopers by the burgee.

We are very excited. It seems surreal that the day is actually come when enough of the “to-do” list is done to start.

Waste tanks pumped out and fuel tanks all filled. We’re ready to go.

Our to-do list this past couple of weeks has been substantial and there were a couple of unexpected items that had to be dealt with.

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Week One on the Boat – a slight curve ball

We just completed one week on the boat. We are still in Washburn Marina in Wisconsin, as expected.

Full moon rising over Washburn Marina

I was reading Loopers Sam & Rev’s newsletter the other morning. Like us, they just got back to their boat, Here’s to Us, a short while ago. Their words were “There have been some ups and downs. Sometimes it seems the downs outnumber the ups”. We can relate.

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